Partners and Links

Wilhelm Scholê International is honored to work with prestigious partners around the globe.

We are pleased to introduce them to you in this Partners and Links page.

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Earth Council Alliance (ECA) seeks to help foster cooperation among the organizations around the world which share its commitment to the achievement of a sustainable development pathway to the human future with a particular focus on the community in grassroots level. We actively mobilize support for the work of autonomous Earth Council members and other partners and organizations: NGOs, business, governments, academic and indigenous cultures.
Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) is a peace organization which has been working actively since 2003 to promote interfaith cooperation, a culture of peace, harmony, constructive dialogue and the ‘Golden Rule’. It was registered with the Ministry of Justice as an indigenous, non political, non- profit and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the name "Interfaith Peace-building Initiative" in October 2003 under registration No. 1231.



United Religions Initiative
URI is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world. The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.