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The Golden Rule with Letter from Marilyn Wilhelm ( English )

The Golden Rule in English

Wall posting without letter

The Golden Rule

( by Author's Historical Language )

Graciously created by Maria Mindlin Transcend Translations

The Golden Rule ( Arabic )

 القواعد الذهبية

Graciously translated by Elias Haddad, Elite PC Technologies

The Golden Rule ( Bangla )

স্বর্ণখচিত চিয়মাবলী

Graciously translated by

Azadul Haq

The Golden Rule ( Bulgarian )
Graciously translated by

Tatiana Stoilova

The Golden Rule ( Catalan )

La Regla D’or

Graciously translated by

Alex Vila

The Golden Rule ( Chinese )


Graciously translated by Wang Rui,

Vice Consul, Assistant to the

Consul General of the People's

Republic of China in Houston, TX

The Golden Rule ( CREDO )

Graciously translated by

Shishir Srivastava

The Golden Rule ( Ethiopian )

Graciously translated by

Bilen Walga

The Golden Rule ( Filipino )

Ang Ginintuang Tuntunin

Graciously translated by

Mark Rosaldo

The Golden Rule ( French )

La Règle D'or

Graciously translated by The Duchess

Catherine de Gramont

and Andrée Garnier Ploss

The Golden Rule ( German )

Die Goldene Regel

Graciously translated by

 Dagna Van Der Jagt

and Farah Lenser

The Golden Rule ( Greek )

ο χρυσος κανόνας

Graciously translated by

Alexandra Theodoropoulou

Consul of Greece

The Golden Rule ( Hindi )

गोल्डन नियम

Graciously translated by

Shishir Srivastave

The Golden Rule ( Italian )

La Regola Aurea

Graciously translated by Luciano Topi,

Chairman of the Board Italy-American Chamber of Commerce of Texas

The Golden Rule ( Korean )


Graciously translated by

 John C.W. Yi, Captain,

United States Air Force

The Golden Rule

( Mayan / Cackchikel )


Graciously translated by

Martha Lidia Coc

The Golden Rule ( Nigerian )


 Graciously translated by

Thelma Oviasu

The Golden Rule ( Norwegian )

Den Gylne Regel

Graciously translated by

Ingrid K. Moody

The Golden Rule ( Portuguese )

A Regra De Ouro

Graciously translated by

Andrea Fasanello

The Golden Rule ( Romanian )

Regula De Aur

Graciously translated by

Oliver Manolescu

The Golden Rule ( Russian )

Золотое правило

Graciously translated by

Wilhelm Scholê Alumnus

Azamat Kumykov

The Golden Rule ( Spanish )

La Regla Dorada

Graciously translated by

René Saravia