Global Education Reform


"Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe."

H.G. Wells


The necessity and urgency of global education reform is evidenced in the epidemic of violence and irrationality, the proliferation of hate and intolerance, the lack of respect, the lack of understanding that is seriously threatening the well-being of citizens everywhere. This awakens us to the fact that to live in our interconnected, interdependent world means to be engaged and to remain engaged in learning the art of living together.


Basic to developing a unified civil global society is “the ideal of a concordance of civilizations.” Thus a global inclusion-oriented education policy begins with an interdisciplinary, intercultural, interlingual, interfaith curriculum that will bring Harmony, social cohesion in our schools, in our homes, in our streets, locally, nationally, and globally.


Strategic Goals:


1.      To perceive our Common humanity.


2.      To nurture our innate sense of Oneness; to advance conscious awareness that the Cosmos is a kinship system.


3.      To advance intercultural understanding; to move from multicultural studies with its goal to discover others to intercultural studies and the discovery: there are no “others.”


4.      To enhance the ability to discern without separating.


5.      To promote peace in our global community by presenting the world enlarged in a way that one can understand unity attained and diversity maintained.


6.      To gain a shared sense of identity in the culture of our global community by becoming consciously aware of our shared Universal values, the invariants of civilized life.


7.      To become consciously aware of the wealth of global Cultural resources.


8.      To cease extending disrespect and prejudice by presenting each Culture’s contributions to our Common Heritage.


9.      To demonstrate that Harmony does not mean sameness. In fact there can be no Harmony without differences.


10.  To present a union of global thought: our differences creating an unforgettable Harmony.


11.  To develop global renaissance human beings who are awake to our Common world and our Common destiny.


12.  To establish a Global Ethical Code by re-orienting our Cosmopolis to our shared Moral and Ethical Heritage:  The Golden Rule, the invariant of civilized life and the base of all religions.


The worldwide trend of conflict and disunity all around us cannot be resolved by single, however noble, efforts. It is only by joining together in a prudent and daring global education reform that we will not only reverse the growing trend of barbarism and have the possibility of survival, but also the hope of an Age of Approaching Peace.         


Marilyn Wilhelm

Founder • Chairman • President

Wilhelm Scholê International


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 © Marilyn Wilhelm 2011