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Marshall Thurber Ambassador Mussie Hailu Bishop William E. Swing
Qiao Hong David Krueger, MD Piyali Palit, Ph.D.
Sheila Jackson Lee Dr. Silvia Anner Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan
Lucy Jarvis John R. Silber Dr. Frederick Mayer
Jonas Salk Irving Stone Norman Cousins
Lord Yehudi Menuhin Dr. David Gustav Ottoson Dr. Grant Beglarian
Roger J. Williams Phil Francis Carspecken, Ph.D. Dr. Gwendolyn Calvert Baker
Jackie Cone Suheil Badi Bushrui John A. Hoyt
Lorin Hollander Dr. Lawrence G. Derthick, Sr. Robert Hardy Andrews
David Jhirad Jack Lydman  



What we need are more healers.  Marilyn Wilhelm your school is developing healers.”


Jonas Salk

Renowned American physician and biologist

Discoverer of the Salk Polio Vaccine




“I am a longtime and enthusiastic admirer of Marilyn Wilhelm, for I have witnessed the success of her pedagogy in the remarkable achievement of her students. If we are to judge a tree by its fruits, then we can judge a school by the success of its graduates. By that measure, Wilhelm Scholê International, guided and structured by the principles of Marilyn Wilhelm, is simply outstanding and, I believe, incomparable.”


John Silber

President Emeritus

Boston University



“Marilyn Wilhelm’s life is a hymn to unity in diversity. In the cacophony of life she finds coherence in Unity. Marilyn Wilhelm has found the Unified Field Theory of Culture.”


David Jhirad




“Marilyn Wilhelm is the most creative and most important educator of the century.  I believe Wilhelm Scholê International will make not only a permanent contribution to education but also to world understanding.”


Dr. Frederick Mayer

Renowned Educational Scientist

Author of 60 Books on Education and Creativity

Member, Club of Rome

Distinguished Fellow, Royal Society of Arts



“I was asked by the Northwest Arctic Native Association ( NANA ) to support them in their educational efforts.  Their primary focus is the Inupiat tribe in Alaska.  I spent over two years traveling the United States experiencing “exceptional” educational approaches.  I visited 163 different schools at that time.  Before my visit to Wilhelm Scholê, Marilyn and I spoke on the phone.  She learned that I had spent a decade with R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller.  When I arrived a group of students were gathered to meet me; they had been studying Bucky for about a month.”


“When I asked if anyone had a question, they responded like a flock of birds suddenly taking off.  It felt like all hands rose at once.  An eight year old boy ( I found out his age later ) was waving his hand so intently that I felt compelled to call on him first.  His question; “I just read Bucky’s book I Seem to Be a Verb.  I never thought of myself as a verb before.  If you ( pointing to me ) are a verb, what one are you and how did you come to that conclusion?  


"That question is symbolic of Marilyn Wilhelm’s rigorous and loving educational approach.  Of the other 162 educational systems I experienced not one came close to providing its students with the classical and experiential education that Wilhelm Scholê provided.  These students deeply understood that they are part of a world community of earthians.  Studying the past whether it was Egypt, China, India, Greece or Rome or Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or listening to Bach or copying the paintings of the masters the theme was the same: We are all connected, we are all one."


“Like Buckminster Fuller and W. Edwards Deming ( individuals I studied with for years ) Marilyn Wilhelm is an example of the difference that one person can make.”


Marshall Thurber, Partner

Global Evolutionary Network




“I have been privileged to observe and consult with Marilyn Wilhelm for almost three decades at Wilhelm Scholê International.  I have served on the Board of Advisors during that time as well as guest teaching of the students and facilitating parent meetings with Marilyn when I was teaching and practicing Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine; this relationship continues to this day.”


“Marilyn Wilhelm has been creating and implementing interdisciplinary and intercultural educational endeavors for over thirty years, and is recognized worldwide for her unified diversity teacher development programs.  Thirty-two international awards and honors, numerous national, regional, and local educational program awards, books, and an Emmy Award-winning CBS Television documentary: To See A World, illustrate her global impact in education.  Her visionary stimulation has both challenged and inspired the educational world.”

David Krueger, MD

CEO, Mentor Path

Former Professor, Clinical Psychiatry

Baylor College of Medicine



“Marilyn Wilhelm is a veteran scholar engaged in the development of noble faculties in human beings.  She is a philosopher and bears great respect and understanding for people irrespective of their cast, creed, culture, and language.  I was introduced to her while working on the similar cause for humanitarian social development following Indian traditional knowledge as well as modern social philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, and Albert Einstein.  Marilyn Wilhelm has spent her life working toward the betterment of human society through her interfaith Unified Global Curriculum.”


Dr. Piyali Palit

Professor, Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

Secretary, International Forum for Studies & Religion

Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India




“I have known and admired Marilyn Wilhelm for 22 years.  Her creation of the unparalleled Wilhelm interfaith Unified Global Curriculum is a model for global education.  As a member of Congress of the United States of America, I was proud to present the Certificate of Congressional Recognition in 2010 for her creation of the remarkable Wilhelm interfaith Unified Global Curriculum and for her highly respected Unified Diversity Teacher Development Programs.  We all applaud the fascinating challenges and inspiration Marilyn Wilhelm is bringing to the world.”


Sheila Jackson Lee

Member of Congress

U.S. House of Representatives

United States Congress



“As a member of the European Think Tank for Sustainable Development, I had the opportunity to get to know Marilyn Wilhelm as a lecturer at our annual conferences ( European Sustainability Forum ) in Vienna, Austria.  I am convinced that the Wilhelm interfaith Unified Global Curriculum, in context with the latest discoveries in brain research, medicine, and genetics, is leading to a new way of thinking in the field of education.”


Dr. Silvia Anner

Vienna, Austria




“I have known Marilyn Wilhelm and of her work in the field of educational reform for about four decades.  Her interfaith Unified Global Curriculum is relevant for developing global citizens without prejudice.  Wilhelm Scholê International has won international acclaim and is recognized as ‘one of the most respected unified diversity training programs in the world.’  Her path breaking monograph Education for the Citizen’s for the 21st Century prepared for the Time Capsule 1977, at the request of the American Revolution Bicentennial Committee, is to be opened in 2076.  CBS created an Emmy Award-winning documentary on Wilhelm Scholê International entitled To See A World.  Marilyn Wilhelm gives evidence that an inclusive Curriculum can transform the educational system and serve as a model for the future.”


Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan

Member of Parliament

Chairperson, IIC-Asia Project, India International Centre

Formerly, Secretary, Department of Arts, Ministry of Education, Government of India



“I was introduced to Marilyn Wilhelm forty years ago in my capacity as an Award-winning Producer of world-wide issues and news.  I was the first female Executive Producer in network television, The National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ).  While my mission was to bring about better understanding among world citizenry through the use of television and pictorial examples, Marilyn Wilhelm is dedicated to bringing about peace and global understanding through the use of education and thus enlightening the youth of the world.  I had the great opportunity over the years to observe her at Wilhelm Scholê and was extraordinarily impressed with the scope of her Curriculum.  I listened with amazement to children in the lower grades speaking in four languages which they learned at the school.  I watched and listened to students in the higher grades studying world-maps and discussing the cultural and scientific projections of various nations.  To this day, I wish that the educational organization of the United States would emulate her format.  The success of the Wilhelm interfaith Unified Global Curriculum is obvious in its results --- the accomplishments of graduates and associates in their many international fields of endeavor.”


Lucy Jarvis



“Marilyn Wilhelm was a valuable delegate at the founding Conference of the United Religions Initiative held at Stanford University in 1999.” 


“Marilyn Wilhelm’s pioneering leadership in creating, developing, and implementing an interdisciplinary, intercultural, interlingual interfaith Unified Global Curriculum has won international acclaim.  The inspiring Wilhelm Curriculum imbues pupils with the fact that life is not just about material things.  Life is a spiritual/physical journey in which one has the opportunity and responsibility to participate in the on-going process of becoming what we already are: an evolving global civilization.”


“Creative collaboration with Marilyn Wilhelm in bringing conscious awareness of Universal shared principles began in 2005 with the performance of her Dances of Enlightenment at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  The Dances of Enlightenment were an opening event for the Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Papers to Establish the United Nations as well as the inauguration of the United Nations World Environment Day.


“United Religions Initiative continues its collaboration with Marilyn Wilhelm in the noble effort for peace and harmony through the worldwide distribution of  The Golden Rule, ‘Wisdom we all hold in Common’.”

Bishop William E. Swing

Episcopal Bishop of California

Founder United Religions Initiative



"The all embracing vision of Marilyn Wilhelm is reflected in the Greek word Scholê, the root word for school in Western languages, meaning “life-long learning,” coupled with the Chinese character  meaning “All under Heaven one family.”  The Wilhelm Approach to cultural knowledge, understanding, and respect begins with Language.  For Language transmits the values, ideas, and ideals of a people.  The Wilhelm Curriculum mobilizes Language to be the great unifier by revealing that beneath the diversity of 6,000 languages lays a core of shared beliefs that spread across the globe and make it possible to discuss geographical variations of the same values, ideas, and ideals.  Thus Language and Culture are always studied side by side.  In the process different languages come to be seen as different dialects of one intellectual and spiritual Language.  This concept is confirmed and strengthened when one becomes aware that all translations, from ancient hieroglyphs to modern day languages, are built on this fact.  As students perceive this irrefutable unity in our diverse global community, they acquire a deeper understanding of themselves and humankind as a whole, “the first step to peace and harmony.”


  The Honorable Qiao Hong

Chinese Embassy, Finland

Former Consul General of the People’s Republic of China,

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.




“Marilyn Wilhelm is a living example of a true human being.  Our world is experiencing a fundamental global crisis: a crisis in global economy, global climate change, global degradation of values, and respect for all human rights and life forms.  Most of these problems result from an absence of a Global Ethic.” 


“Marilyn Wilhelm’s creativity and unswerving commitment to global peace and Harmony shine through the Wilhelm interfaith Unified Global Curriculum.  The core value of the Wilhelm Curriculum is the universal Rule bequeathed to us by our ancestors, The Golden Rule, which forms the basis and the bond of our common identity and represents the common ground upon which the spiritual dignity of humankind stands.”


Ambassador Mussie Hailu

Regional Director, United Religions Initiative for Africa

Chairman Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative Ethiopia



“Wilhelm Scholê in Houston, Texas, is one of the most extraordinary I have ever known.  Its general philosophy is that traditional education has undereducated and underestimated children and that the aesthetic experience is a part of the foundation of a creative adult existence.


From its inception the thrust of Wilhelm Scholê has been to educate children through the arts, which illuminate all societies, and to tie the arts into the sciences, mathematics, religion, and the story of civilization from its beginnings; starting in Africa and Asia as our oldest cultures, moving from there into the Greek and Roman eras which made way for our modern world.


Wilhelm Scholê has two fine accomplishments.  Their two and three year olds are learning more than I did at the age of six, when I was permitted to enter primary school.  The second achievement is that the children are not taking courses that run parallel to each other but never touch.  All of their subjects are integrated, so that they are learning about life as a whole and not as a series of fragmented disciplines.  What better way to learn about botany than to become skilled in Japanese floral arrangements?  What better way to study ancient history than to fly to New Orleans and spend a full day at the King Tut exhibition, and then to write an essay on the meaning and emotional impact of the experience?


It has long been my contention that in order to teach students how to read, it is first necessary to teach them how to write.  At Wilhelm Scholê all the children write every day, the older ones teaching the two and three year olds not only how to write, but how to express themselves.  With every day writing being the norm, the students naturally read every day.  On music, which they play, on architecture, which they observe, on mathematics, technology, medicine, and geography, which even the three and four year olds are able to grasp and fit into their picture of themselves as members of the human race, in all of its nationalities, religions, cultures, so that they learn to see life entire, and to understand that all history is contemporary.


One further word has to be added: I have never seen young children so happy, so stimulated and excited, so content to be in school.  Wilhelm Scholê challenges, feeds, trains, their minds to their outermost capacity.  No discipline is needed here; joy is the greatest of all disciplines.  The joy of learning, understanding, of identifying with all peoples and places in history is the bedrock on which Wilhelm Scholê is founded.


It is my earnest hope that its methods will spread through our land.  Then no longer will we be harassed by the question, “Why can’t Johnny read?”  Johnny will read because Johnny will write, every day, on some fascinating aspect of his fellow man’s accomplishments, each part organically linked to the whole.  That is what Wilhelm Scholê is about.”


Irving Stone




“Marilyn Wilhelm presides with grace and distinction over several worlds  ---  the education of the young  ---  the re-education of the not-so-young  ---  and the preparation of a better future for all.”


Norman Cousins

American political journalist, author, world peace advocate

Adjunct Professor, UCLA College of Medicine



“Certainly no educator entrusted with the next generation is more worthy or more possessed of this great responsibility than Marilyn Wilhelm."


"It is as important to enhance relationships in time, as it is to do so in spatial proportions --- in a world in which for many people, space is crowded and time is only now."


"Responsibility thus becomes collectable not only for and to a present grouping --- but for our forbearers and our offspring, spiritually as well as hereditarily."


"I am, in a very real sense responsible for and to Bach, Socrates, Lao-zi, and Leonardo da Vinci.  Marilyn Wilhelm knows how to instill this sense of responsibility in those who will succeed us.”


Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Renowned Violinist and Conductor




“Marilyn Wilhelm’s contributions to the art of education should be recognized all over the world --- and practiced.”


Dr. David Gustav Ottoson

Former Secretary General

International Brain Research Organization



“To me as an educator, knowledge in itself, as important as it may be, is less of measure than the use one makes of it.  The children know a great deal about practical things: numbers, words, physics, geography; about esoteric things: ancient Egypt, Great Masters of the Renaissance, Japan, world religions…the most important thing is that they synthesize these things in such a way that each child seems to be able to relate himself or herself to all things past and present.”


Dr. Grant Beglarian

Former Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Southern California

President, National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts



“Marilyn Wilhelm keeps performing miracles in her famous school in Houston, Texas.  She reaches out to very young children and they grasp the concept of the school’s central theme --- the unity of the cosmos, all life and all peoples.  The poetry and art of the children reflect their penetrating understanding and the sheer excitement of living and learning in an enlightened atmosphere.”


Dr. Roger J. Williams

Renowned American Biochemist

Founder/Director, Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute

University of Texas

President, American Chemical Society



“Wilhelm Scholê International has developed and put into practice a superb educational philosophy.  No matter which subject or discipline is addressed, students find within it an integration of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.  Knowledge is inspiration.  The arts, humanities, and sciences are taught so that their interconnections, and their relationship to the highest potentialities of the human spirit, are brought to the fore.  Students are treated with respect; like young scholars rather than like children.  They are challenged within a totally safe and caring environment.  They are introduced to subjects and intellectual traditions that have for some reason been reserved for a college education within the general American education system.  This school is solving some of society’s gravest problems.  Children receive a moral education without any reliance on dogma.  Morality and the highest values are conveyed to children through their internal connections to scientific truths and aesthetic beauty.  Every child at Wilhelm Scholê International is treated like a gift.  I would recommend this school for anyone and everyone.”


Dr. Phil Francis Carspecken

Professor of Cultural Studies

University of Houston




“Marilyn Wilhelm, through her exceptional talents and dedication as an educator, has created this extraordinary model of teaching which is developing Global Renaissance Human Beings, and will insure a future generation of enlightened and compassionate leaders who will have a great impact upon our rapidly changing world.” 


Dr. Gwendolyn Calvert Baker

Former National President & CEO

The United States Fund for UNICEF


“Wilhelm Scholê International heroically expressed its vision as it began in 1972, many years before others saw the validity of such a program.  The school provides a holistic approach for every child, nurturing them to realize their potential as individuals and as members of a community.  The school holds each child to a high level of accomplishment academically and as a citizen of the world."


"Wilhelm Scholê International is a demonstration that all children can succeed.  It gives a sense of hope and promise to look at children as unique with their own individual challenges, not obstacles.  Wilhelm Scholê International serves as an excellent model for others."

Jackie Cone

Former Director,

Center for the Healing of Racism




“The Wilhelm Educational Philosophy is based on a holistic approach to all forms of knowledge.  It is based on the essential unity of all Truth, establishing a universal system of values, which embodies an understanding of the underlying Truth and Unity of all the spiritual and intellectual traditions, which form the heritage of the human race.  It aims at creating in each student from an early age a unified vision of the world in which we live.  Its entire curriculum is founded on that shared human heritage, which we must exploit in order to realize the goals of unity, cooperation, and peace which we all seek."


"Above all, the Wilhelm Curriculum endeavors to foster an interfaith approach towards truth and from the resulting codification of the truths common to all traditions; it helps to evolve a global code of ethics incorporating all that is best in humankind’s spiritual and intellectual heritage.  It inculcates a deep-seeded unity of conscience and brings about change and transformation in individuals as well as in society."


"Marilyn Wilhelm, through her exceptional gifts of mind and spirit, has created an institution of learning that has made a unique and creative contribution to education in both the national and international fields."

Dr. Suheil Badi Bushrui


Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace

                                                                        Senior Scholar,

Center for International Development & Conflict Management

University of Maryland

International Fellow, Temenos Academy

Interfaith Bridge Builder Award, InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington

Landmark Award, University of Maryland



“On behalf of the Humane Society of the United States, its officers and directors, I extend to you our congratulations on having envisioned, created, and nurtured a place of learning and living unparalleled in this country, Wilhelm Scholê International."


"Especially we are grateful for the ways in which you have imbued within your students an understanding and affirmation of the oneness of all life, depicting in the microcosm of this Scholê a design for living that could, if heeded, refashion the societies of mankind.”


John A. Hoyt, Former Chairman

The Humane Society of the United States




“I cannot express adequately the degree of excellence, brilliance, and creative beauty that Wilhelm Scholê International manifests.  It is not only an answer to all of our dreams, it is a realization of a rare vision."


"If there is an ideal school in the world where the creative joy of children is nurtured and their potential flourishes, it is in this remarkable creation of Marilyn Wilhelm.”


Lorin Hollander

Legendary Classical American Pianist

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function,  2003 Music Has Power Award



“I consider Marilyn Wilhelm one of the truly unique and most creative educators I have come to know in my travels among educational institutions in this and other countries.  Moreover, she has the rare talent of giving practical application to her

inspiring philosophy of teaching and learning, geared to dynamic objectives for these confusing times, and all times.”


Dr. Lawrence G. Derthick, Sr.

Commissioner of Education

Eisenhower Administration



“Marilyn Wilhelm listened to the theorists and was inspired to start her own school.  Now the theorists are listening to her.”

Robert Hardy Andrews

Christian Science Monitor


“The Wilhelm Curriculum is networking the Truth.”

Jack Lydman
American Ambassador